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      This is a company with twenty years of production of carbide cutting tools and related products, professional enterprise, the production of off brand alloy cutting tools are used international and domestic premium brand high-quality raw materials, the introduction of international and domestic advanced grinding equipment manufacturing. Widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive industry, mold, machining and CNC machining facilities associated clamping tools

      The main products include: mold, machining industry standard solid carbide drills, milling cutters, reamers, round nose, long neck Duanren cutter and aviation, aerospace, automotive industry related products used in professional tools, custom tools, and overall design and manufacture for customers and welding alloys of various alloy forming tools, and a wide range of sewing equipment manufacturing industry and agricultural industry, compressors and the electronics industry with the best cutting tools.

      The R & D, manufacturing in one, strong technical force, good quality, stable quality, the company always adhere to 'honesty, quality service, refinement and change, to create a win-win' concept, welcome new and old customers call to discuss culvert

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